torstai 29. lokakuuta 2009

Day 19 and 20 - Day offs

Well, there's not much to tell about these last days. Everybody were just sleeping or hanging out in this beautiful city of Prague. I love czech beer and drank my stomach full of that fine liquid.


I just spent three nights in bed and next time I will see sheets at home in Finland. Fancy restaurants, sushi, walking, torture museum, instrumental gig, forced day-off, waiting. I also had a second chance with Ben & Jerry's and that was a great success! That's basically what happened at Prague this time.


Yeah, well… After our short instrumental gig the other day, our crew spread out around Prague. Some of us were smooching around with our honey bunnies that had flown over for a few days, others got a hotel about 7km from the center, and Joey crashed at a friends' place. To keep the group spirit high, we had a nice dinner together yesterday night. Other than that it's been pretty much just hanging and waiting for tomorrow, as we're all just aching to get this tour back on track. Hanging out in a city like this is cool and all, but I'd rather be playing a show, no doubt. Hopefully Amorphis and Before the Dawn are kicking some Polish ass tonight and tomorrow will be business as usual.


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