perjantai 9. lokakuuta 2009

Day 2 - Leeuwarden

I tried to get one of the other guys to do some writing for a change, but these coco-drinking, PSP-playing goofballs are apparently too busy to help out with the tour diary. Bastards...

Ari trying to find out what country he's in.

Yesterday was another good gig, even though the ingredients for a catastrophy were there. The soundchecking of the first too bands went on and on, and some of the house staff weren't all that co-operative. When we finally got up on stage to do our little check, the house engineers had gone for dinner, as apparently they didn't know there was a third band playing tonight! So the soundcheck was a joke, but we didn't let that get to us. In the words of our old pal John Goss, who was the stage manager on the 2005 Finntroll tour : we're fucking professionals.

The gig was cool, a lot of people kept coming in during our show, and again, as Sex N' Satan closed the set, it looked like the audience had been properly warmed up. We'd be leaving to Amsterdam as soon as Before the Dawn were done so we could take our mutual gear on board. For some reason there's no gig in Amsterdam on this tour, but since it's pretty much on the way to the next gig in Uden, and Joey has an apartment there, we decide to head there to sleep at his place.

We get to 'dam around midnight. Some of us decide to call it a day, while me, Ari and Pexi go to a club nearby to meet up with a cousin of mine. It's nice to meet friends and family around the world while touring, and it just so happens that my cousin was working at a club right next to Joey's place! A few hours of catching up, bad jokes, beer and bourbon, before we agree that a few hours of sleep might be a good idea.


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  1. The best pictures guys! hahaha

    love you so much guys!

    anyway, good luck in the tour.

    - Nathalia (

  2. Thank you guys for making this the best two days of my life. The gigs in Leeuwarden and Uden were fucking great, and meeting you guys afterwards was just amazing.

  3. Hello! You make very good music and it's not a surprise for me as coming from Finland. Always good musicians. Very nice idea to have a blog to get closer from fans, who are always searching for this "closer toch". It shows a big respect (not so commom).

    Finland is always giving me opportunity to hear good music like yours.

    "When we finally got up on stage to do our little check, the house engineers had gone for dinner."

    It's a good reason to be pissed off as people say, but yes, professionals always have a 'tool". Congrats for this too.

    Suudelmia, from the other side of the world, Brazil.

  4. Ah, and of course credits to Ben! Suudelmia Ben! :)