sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2009

Day 3 – Uden (09.10.2009)

I woke up in a proper bed after about 10 hours of sleep, so I felt great! We were sleeping in Joey’s place in Amsterdam because it was on our way to tonight’s venue in Uden. So, a 1 hour drive to the venue, a warm shower, and I feel better all the time! I didn’t go walking around to see the town, just stayed on the venue, tried to get the wireless internet connection to work and read a book. That’s some glamour for ya, eh?

Joey's place, Amsterdam.

The first night in the van wasn’t too bad, so I’m sure this tour will go just fine! Of course we’ll try to get a room in a motel whenever possible, so that people can actually rest in a bed every once in a while. But sleeping in the van wasn’t so bad as I feared beforehand, so I’m pretty much relieved.

The gig went fine I think, we we’re rocking like the animals that we are! These first gigs have actually been pretty nice. At first the crowd looks like ”what’s this band and what are they doing??”, and towards the end of the gig everyone seems to be diggin’ our show with a big smile on their face. So it’s all good! I’m looking forward to play alot of more gigs with this lineup!


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  1. hey cuties,
    saw you guys in uden, you were awesome! too bad the audience was acting like a bunch of braindead zombies... I'm pretty sure they liked it though, you fuckin' rocked! guess we dutchmen are a bit shyish
    anyway, have fun with the rest of the tour!