keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2009

Day 14 – Vienna

We slept as long as we could at the hotel, and made the short drive to the venue. It was a funny feeling to be at the same place were we just had been watching the Deathstars gig the night before. Nothing special happened in the afternoon – everyone was pretty much attached to their laptops and making the bad jokes as usual. Everybody also felt little weird after the dinner, so there must have been some strange ingredients on it. Mysterious.

Well well, the intro rolled in once again, and we rocked. There was some technical difficulties though; Ben’s guitar didn’t come through the sound system sometimes, so a cable had to be changed during the gig. The lights were also pretty dark for the first half of the gig, it seemed like they started working at about the fourth song or so. Anyways, I think we performed pretty well, and the audience seemed to like what they saw and heared, so it was all good in the end.

After the gig we hanged around at the venue until Amorphis was done. There were some very enthusiastic Amoral fans to talk with, big up to you people! It was also nice to hear positive comments from people who saw us for the first time!

Later in the van we started playing the legendary ”Day of the Tentacle” on my laptop (everyone except Ben, who fell asleep first), which brought about some hilarious discussions:

Ari: ”Give him the dissappearing ink!”
Juffi: ”Nono, that’s gonna be used for the constitution.”
Valtteri: ”Yep, that’s right. Damn, we’re such a bunch of nerds!”
Peksi: ”Give him the left-handed hammer!”
Peki (our driver): ”A left-handed hammer? What the fuck are you guys doing back there??”


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  1. ohh you're come back!

    ahahahahha this ''discussions'', really really funny guys! xD

    so keep rock! ;D


  2. hahah, you caught some local freak on the pic :D