sunnuntai 18. lokakuuta 2009

Day 11 – Zlin

”Wake up, we have to empty the van.” I crawl out and see a familiar venue yet again: The Masters of Rock Cafe! We were here on the Dark Funeral tour a couple of years back. The stage is pretty big, so we could fit the two backlines there without any problems. I couldn’t get the wlan-connection to work at all on my laptop, and it was raining outside, so I spent the afternoon reading a book & chatting with the Amorphis guys.

At the backstage before the show I was testing out the Pearl Demon Drive double pedal that Tuomas from BTD was carrying around. He has to practise a bit on the road because after the tour he’ll be recording drums for his solo project Black Sun Aeon. So, the pedal felt nice but I can’t say much yet because playing on a practise pad is very different than a real bassdrum. I had a pad for the sticks too, so I had a nice little warm-up setup going on.

The intro starts rolling, and we walk on stage. I can’t see anything, it’s pitch-dark. Luckily I knew exactly where I left the cord for my in-ear monitor, because it would’ve been impossible to find it otherwise. The intro ends, the lights go on, and what followed was probably the best gig we’ve EVER done! The place was pretty much packed already, and the crowd was frigging insane!!! Damn, I’m still stoked about those 40 minutes on stage. I think we haven’t had this active crowd even on any of our headlining shows! And I was even satisfied with my own playing. Big thanks to everybody in the audience!!!

After the show we were hanging out at the merch table, chatting and taking pics with the locals. Everybody was in a good mood because the gig went so well and the place & the people were very nice. The Amorphis guys, being the cool dudes they are, gave us some whiskey and sparkling wine for the road, so some of us ended up being in very... eh, ”high spirits” (or ”seipäässä”, as we say in Finnish).


3 kommenttia:

  1. ohh man, good to know the show was great!

    drunks .-. hahahahahahaha

    thanks again Juffi!


  2. hey guys, I was there, right in the first row and you really did put on one hell of a show... the whole night was really awesome.
    big cheers and I hope to see you again!

    Matej (

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