maanantai 5. lokakuuta 2009

On the road again...

Hey all,

We (Amoral) are about to leave to Berlin this wednesday, where the "Forging Europe tour" will start. The lineup consists of Amorphis (the headliner), Before the Dawn and us. We know most of the guys from both bands from previous gigs together, so we know how cool the company is gonna be on this tour.

Last friday was the "warm up" show at Nosturi, Helsinki, where we met the bands and crew, went through the backline and kicked off the tour in front of a sold out audience. In other words, a killer start to a killer tour!

We'll be updating this blog from the road as often as possible, with thoughts, comments and random bs, as well as pictures from around Europe. So keep checking back every few days to see if the boyz are still alive...



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  1. when will you go to Brazil ? pleasee T.T

    good luck guys.

    suudelmat :)

    Nathalia. (

  2. looking forward to see some pics from gigs :D