perjantai 16. lokakuuta 2009

Day 9 - Hannover

Yo everybody! It’s my time to print some thoughts and I guess this is actually the best day to do this because I caused some bad looks and misunderstandings with my T-shirt on the stage. But I’ll get back to that later...

When I woke up I was, as usual, pretty dazed and confused and the first thing I saw was huge piles of wood and I really didn’t even realize we were at the venue. A quick load in and some coffee and lot of breakfast stuff at the backstage which was awesome! Soundcheck was nice and easy, although the monitors were kinda crappy. The stage was 12 meters wide so there was a lot of room to clown around. After the soundcheck we had some time to chill and meet the guys from Drone (a band that toured with Amoral and Norther) and eat.

The gig was awesome and we had a great time, BUT, right after the gig I heard that I had some very bad looks from the audience, because I was wearing this Burzum T-shirt that I bought from Norway as a part joke. I have nothing to do with any nazi bullshit and nether has any other member of our band so my biggest apologize to all of you in hannover and everybody else! I actually had no idea that there even was a nazi connection...

So, the gig was cool and people were nice, all in all we had a blast!

- Ari

6 kommenttia:

  1. Arii! finally you wrote something here lol
    I need to tell you something: I sleep as much as you hahahahahha

    I listen to you singing every day, and I really really enjoy it.

    so if you can answer me, pleasee T.T hahahhha

    suudelmat from Brazil.


  2. Another day, another drama. :D That was only a misunderstanding.. But media is happy here in Finland.. once again. Maybe they have been missing you. :D

    Thanks for writing.

  3. Todella säälittävää selitellä ja pyydellä anteeksi Burzum-paitaa! Siinä meni uskottavuus, jos sitä ikinä olikaan :)

  4. Moi Ari.

    I've heard about this band too but didn't even know about this nazi connection too. It would be good to explain this situation not only here but wherever you can. By the other hand if you talk too much about it be like you are trying to explain yourself too much, that there's something wrong.

    Hope you have no more problem with this and be prepared to questions, if they appear.

    Have a nice day tomorrow, all of you.

    From Brazil.

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