tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2009

Day 21 - Budapest

We arrived to the venue before the nightliner, so we got the first taste of the awesome hospitality of the local crew. The catering and dinner were very good, and people seemed to be very concerned about our well-being. Nice! There was also this pretty cool sofa-area backstage which was perfect for resting and checking out the amazing world of the internet.

Me and Valde still had some not-yet-dry laundry (all the way from Switzerland!), and we started to get little frustrated with the situation. So Valde got this major idea to use one of the stage-fans for drying them! The sight backstage was pretty funny: we had our socks and underwear hanging at the wall and the fan was blasting air at them in full volume.

I had some technical problems yet again; I was at the stage up until 5 minutes before the gig started, trying to figure out what was wrong with my little mixer (through which I run the backing track). I thought it was the phones -output, and Kimmo the stage manager tried to help me with it. After the gig we realized that it was the cord leading from the iPod to the mixer that was the problem. Luckily I had bought a spare one from Finland before the tour.

Anyways, I got through the gig without much problems. The gig wasn’t our best, but not the worst either. There wasn’t that much audience when we started, but the place was filling steadily during the show. There was enthusiastic faces towards the end, and we got some compliments afterwards, so it was a job well done I guess!

After BTD:s show we had to pack the van and leave immediately, since we had an ”easy going” 858 km drive ahead. The number sounded kinda scary, but it turned out to be a no problem for us soldiers! 10 hours later we found ourselves in Bulgaria.


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