tiistai 13. lokakuuta 2009

Day 5 - Vosselaar, belgium

Biebob club in Vosselaar, Belgium, is one of those venues that we old-school Amorallers have been playing in before.The first thing everyone recalls from this place is the cool record-shop next to the venue. Even though I’m not the biggest Behemoth fan, I just had to grab one of their t-shirts because the designs were so cool!

At the venue I realized that my other in-ear monitor is dead, which sucks big time. So for the rest of the tour I’ll be getting the click & backing track to my right ear only. Actually I hate playing with metronome live, but I have to do it in the 4 songs that have backing tracks. It’s more fun to just let go and have the tempo ”move” a little during the songs. I can’t get that rock’n’roll vibe with a click-track...

Well, enough technical babbling for now. We hit the stage and do our thing. The gig went ok. Yep, just ok, nothing fancy... actually I don’t know why, we just weren’t ”feeling it” like the night before. I was also dropping sticks left and right during the gig, my bad. So, after the gig we decide we have to take our game to the next level and put 150% into it from the very first second on stage. We’ll see how it goes in France...


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  1. well i liked it ;-)
    it was the first time i saw you guys but hope to see you again!
    now just waiting on my next paycheck so i can get some of your cd's :-)