keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2009

Day 13 – Day off in Vienna

So, another monday, another day off... We're not the biggest fans of off-days on tour, for a few reasons. One, we like to rock out. Every night. Two, on days off, you have to worry about stuff like accomodation, food etc, whereas on normal show nights all that's been taken care of. Third, you usually end up spending stupid amounts of cash on days off, walking around town all bored and hungry.

But hey, enough complaining! You could do a lot worse than spend a day off in a beautiful city such as Vienna, Austria. After fighting with the hotel staff about charging us extra for sleeping late (even thought we're staying for two fucking nights! Just have to change rooms for the second day), me, Joe and Valde head out to the center while the rest go back to sleep in our new room. We walked around, searching for something to see, and something to eat. Of course, with our luck, we manage to miss pretty much EVERY SINGLE Burger King or Subway in the center of Vienna. Finally we find one, and we run into the whole Amorphis crew there. In Finland we have this thing called Burgers for Breakfast... After a few hours Wally gets tired of random walking and heads back to the hotel. Me and Joe are in no hurry to get back to that boring place, se we keep exploring the streets. We thought we were walking in the direction of our hotel, but after an hour of walking and the streets getting shadier, we decide to ask for direction. The nice lady informs us that we couldn't be further from our destination. It appears we've walked in the exact opposite direction. The next three hours were spent looking for home, asking for directions every now and then. Everyone we asked had a different direction to point us to. It was getting dark, we were getting cold and tired. Slowly we started realizing the fact that we are never gonna find our way back, ever. Joey called one of his local friends, who kindly came to pick these two hobos from a gas station. Quite embarrassing...

As for late night fun, most of us went to see Deathstars play at the same venue we'd be playing tomorrow. The music wasn't our favourite but we had fun nonetheless. Still, I'd rather play a show than just hang out. Vienna, we're gonna rock you tomorrow like it's 1986!


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