torstai 29. lokakuuta 2009

Day 18 - Prague

Yo dudes it’s me, the slippy sloper :D As you all know I fell down the stairs and hurt myself and realized at the soundcheck that I wasn’t able to sing at all ‘couse my rib was hurting like hell so I went to the doctor and everything is fine now. I’m as good as new! The guys were awesome and did a couple of songs instrumentally and Tuomas from Before The Dawn was kind enough to go and do a song with half an hour practice with iPod so big up to Tuomas. I came from the doctor just at the same time guys started and had a chance to go to the stage and tell everybody what happened and everyone took the sitsuation very well so big thanks again for understanding!

From my point of view the gig was actually very interesting and it was so weird to look at the boys play our thing on the stage with me just standing aside. People really seem to like it and maybe we got some symphaty points as well :D Also Amorphis dudes were kind enough to give us some yells from the stage so thank you Tomi and guys! After the gigs there were some hanging around and chatting with all the guys. I love each and every one from every band and also maybe even more the awesome crew we have on this tour! The crew members are so easily forgotten, although they have the hardest work of us all and the longest days.

Peeps, watch out the wet stairs!


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  1. is good to see that you're ok Ari, really.

    so, keep rockin', and come to Brazil soon HAHAHAHA



  2. vittu että Ari osaa aina olla ihana, s...