tiistai 27. lokakuuta 2009

Day 15 - Pratteln

We spent our night at Z7's backyard. It was nice to see that venue after all that hype. "Best venue ever! Everything is just fantastic there." Yeah, it was nice. Huge stage, good sound on stage, tasty food and last but not least, possibility to do some laundry! Unfortunately everybody else was also thinking the same way.

Soon we noticed that the washing machine wasn't only very occupied but also broken. So we had a shitload of awfully wet clothes, full of detergent. I spent like 5 hours by hurling, squeezing and trying to dry those clothes with no result at all. That's not cool.

Enough laundry. It's time to rock n' roll! We had great expectations about this gig, plenty of people, plenty of room on stage to goofy around. We decided to play Vivid first time at this tour and that sure is fun to play! Couple of first songs were just fun. Sadly the end part of this show was maybe the worst for me on this tour and we also had some technical difficulties with our clicktrack and we were forced to change the song on the fly because of that. That's not problem for those other pro-musicians who have played these tunes plenty of times, but that's quite hard for me to play a song I've only played maybe two times before with these guys.

Some more laundry after the show and some sleep in van. Nothing special.


2 kommenttia:

  1. Good to hear everything is going well. Is there going to be more Helsinki shows in the future?

  2. Oh, good to hear that the show was great, and what about Ari? He is ok now, isn't he ?