sunnuntai 11. lokakuuta 2009

Day 4 – London 10.10.2009

You know, the difference between a 40 minute set and a 30 minute set is bigger than one would think. With 40 minutes, you can actually build a set that has a beginning, a middle part and an end. Whereas with 30 minutes (which in our case means leaving two songs out), it feels like a chowcase where you rush through 6 tunes. Just when you're starting to break a sweat it's time to get the hell off the stage.

Well, unfortunately yesterdays gig at the Underworld, London was one of those with crazy-tight schedules, so both us and BTD had to cut 10 minutes off our set. We cross over A Shade of Gray and Hang Me High from the setlists and go show London how we roll. Our showtime was really early (6.30pm), so we were worried if anyone was gonna show up, but luckily the was a nice-sized crowd when we went on. The whole band feels like it was a good show for such a baby set. Every single show so far has been so much fun, I just hope it stays like that. Man, with the way things are going, by the last third of this tour the band should be one tight unit!

This was the first time in London for the newer guys in the band, and everyone was walking around Camden after the load-in, doing some shopping (especially Ari, who seems to come back from his little walkabout with so much crap it's ridiculous) and checking out the area. We all got money for dinner, as there was no warm food at the venue. Me and Valtteri decide that we can eat another day, and spend all our food money on cab rides to Abbey Road and back. The decision between a Meatball Sub and walking across that legendary cross walk is really no decision at all. I just hope some of that Beatle magic rubbed off on me and that we end up with our own ”Something” or ”Because” on our next album!


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  1. have a nice time in London, and enjoy your shopping Ari hhahahahaha

    love you guys!

    suudelmat from Brazil :)