torstai 15. lokakuuta 2009

Day 7 – Rennes

France, it's good to see you again! We have some great memories from our gigs in France from previous tours, so it's nice to be back. Tonight's venue is quite small but still cool and intimate. We go through our ”breakfast/load-in/walking around the area/waiting/sitting online/soundcheck” -routine, and before we know it, it's showtime yet again. We get up on stage and are greeted by the smallest but also the loudest and most enthusiastic crowd on this tour so far. I mean, these French mofo's we ready to get it on! And so were we: we've played better before, but the show was intense and a lot of fun. It was truly a pleasure to play in front of such a crowd, and talk to fans (old and new) after the show. I hope we get back to Rennes soon!


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  1. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  2. I saw you in Rennes, I've been headbanging on the second floor, to your left, but I guess you didn't notice... I mainly appreciated to hear Release, when I headbanged a lot. :D

    So sad I haven't been able to catch you after the gig, and I didn't want to disturb during it. I'm supporting Amoral for years, I am not the kind of b*stard who claims "Ari sucks, RIP Amoral", and so on, I still love what you do and anyway I just hope you enjoy yourself. :)

    I hope you will at least read that comment I left you, I hope I'll see you again (saw you once in Montpellier in 2006 with Finntroll) and again. You're one of my favs, keep it like that, hope to shake an hand to all of you next time.