keskiviikko 21. lokakuuta 2009

Day 12 - Graz

Heyy, it’s me again! I’m gonna keep this short and simple because I’m a slow writer and I actually don’t have that much to tell about this night. I woke up much later than other dudes as usual and bla bla bla, you know the rest :D I went in to get a look at the place and it was HUGE! Too bad the show was moved from other location just weeks ago so there wasn’t as much audience as there could have been. From my point of view the gig was good and everything went smooth. The place was awesome and even at the backstage there was enough room to put up a football match but we decided not to :D Actually the night after me and Juffi played foozball for about three hours at the hotel. It was some bloody and sweaty gameing!

So we packed our shit in the van and headed for Vienna. We thought that everything would be easy and we’ll just go to the hotel we booked but it wasn’t that easy... Finally we took a room and people chilled out for some time, me Pexi and Peki laughed at some youtube clips and everyone fell asleep one at the time. I decided to stay up, watch a movie and try to settle the hostel things in the morning. At 10AM I fell into sleep for couple of hours and tried to get that day off relaxation feeling going which was pretty hard with a big group of kids making a lot of noise in the hallway.

Over and out to Ben!


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  1. I hope the next audience is better, and I wish you and the guys rest more...

    and keep rockin' :D