lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009

Day 30 - Munich

Woke up with little bit hangover-feeling after drinking with Julf late last night, but good breakfast with exeptionally good latte from coffee machine solved out the weak condition so I was sharp as always. Venue was good. There was enough room to fool around the stage, which is good for us. Backstages were nicely furnished, no suprise according to the fact that venues name is ”Backstage”.

Second last gig on this tour and there was no sign of tiredness of anybody at least not looking from outside. Now it was just time to do the last boost of this tour and concentrate all energy to the show. Don't mean that I had played softly on this trip, but try to do everything just better and better.

When I got on stage to play I was pleased to see good amount of people watching for our show and seemed that they liked us. We played nothing special, just the basic setlist and rocked out like crazy horses, as usual.


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