tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2009

Day 23 - Sofia

All the signs were there for an amazing night. The day is a friday. The venue, Blue Box, with the capacity of 800 people, is completely sold out in advance. There are fans in front of the venue waiting for autographs and pictures even before we wake up. We have a couple of TV interviews lined up before the show. This should be good...

After a quick breakfast (hummus! Bulgarian cheese!), me and Wall-E decide to go for a walk. Never been in Sofia before, and it's not raining, so we might as well explore other things than just the cracks in the backstage ceiling. The fans in front are kind enough to point us to the direction of the city center, which turns out to be a really cool and good-vibed place. It's cool to see posters for tonight's gig everywhere. The poster itself is actually pretty cool and different from the usual, as it has a huge picture of just Esa from Amorphis on it, and not the whole band (”Well, I guess this is Esa's solo gig tonight, we're just gonna leave him on stage by himself to wank on his guitar”, jokes the band's bassist Niclas). Walking past a book market, I almost end up buying a Guns N' Roses book in Bulgarian, but finally come to my senses and understand that maybe I don't really need to get every single GN'R item that comes my way... We only get so far before we have to rush back for the interviews.

Interviews done and lunch eaten, we start getting ready for the show. Juffi bangs on his practice pad, me and Valde jam by ourselves on our pocket Pods, Pexi is already changing into his stage clothes. Ari is somewhere near, I hope. Come 8pm, the intro starts to roll. We climb up there and are greeted with enthusiasm not very common for an opening act. It looks like every single ticket owner is already in the venue and ready to rock! We burst into ”Gave Up Easy” and the vibe is just electric. We are having an awesome time, and the loud-as-hell audience pushes us to give our very all. The 40 minutes fly by way too fast, as ”Sex N' Satan” ends our set and it's time to take a bow.

We all gather on the backstage sofas after the show, huge grins on our faces. Everyone is still high on adrenaline, and we all agree that we had just played one of our very best, most fun show ever. The crowd was just too fucking great!

After watching most of Amorphis' great show (during which the crowd is actually louder thn the band), we all head down to the merch booth to hang out, take pics, sign CD's and personally thank the audience for making us feel so welcome. Sofia, we cannot wait to get back over there to play for you again!


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  1. finally you wrote guys!

    so, the tour is going great, right ?

    good luck, and keep rockin'!

    kisses from Brazil :)