tiistai 3. marraskuuta 2009

Day 22 - Bucharest

After long, nine or ten hours drive from Budapest we finally arrived to Bucharest. The venue was changed to a small arena (capacity about 7000), which had a big tent built in middle for this show. The weather was quite cold, but luckily we got a warm backstage and the tent was also warmed up so no problem with that. The locals were kind to us and made sure that we had everything we need.

All of us were tired and late from schedule 'cause of long drive. Even more frustrating was the thing with the nightliner, which couldn't fit through the gate so all the gear had to be packed into a smaller truck that could get closer to the stage. After some time we got all our stuff to the stage and started doing somekind of a line-check, because there wasn't any time for proper soundcheck. Of course there were problems with PA-system and it took some time to get anything out for the audience while the doors opened and people started to roll in and we were nowhere near ready with our stuff on stage.

No time to relax, intro started to roll and we just have been running all over the place, taking care of things such as changing stage clothes etc. It's not always beer drinking and hellraising playing rock'n'roll, haha! Well, time to put some fire to the fuel and go rocking. During the gig we had big problems on stage with monitoring and microphones. The worst thing happened in this pile of problems; all electricity suddenly shut down from left side of the stage, where Ben played so he was muted for awhile. You know what? Fuck that. Again, we kicked some ass on stage nevertheless the problems. Everyone played well and I was very satisfied with the gig. The crowd seemed to like our show also and that's the main thing.

After our show I just went to merchandice stand to chill out, drink beer and watch the other bands, which played very well also. Summa summarum: this night was great and it was cool to play for big (about 1000 people) audience. It's always nice to go to "bed" in a good mood.


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  1. Thanks for writing Pexi, nice that you write too. :)

  2. Well you were a nice surprise for me, I was there mainly for Amorphis, but it's a good thing that I got to dicover another great band. About the technical issues, I was in the first row, so I don't know about the sound in the back, all I noticed was that the volume on the second mic that Ari used was way too low, I coud hardly hear his voice trough the second song, but that got better. All in all, it was a really cool gig and I hope to see you again in Romania.