lauantai 21. marraskuuta 2009

Day 28 - Milan

I woke up that morning, na naa na naa na, I saw the venue, na naa na naa na... So much for the blues, although this day was pretty much as close to blues as we got on this tour, cold everywhere, crappy catering, when we played there was about 40 headed “crowd” BUT there were some finnish friends so we rocked like we always do, not depending on how many people are watching. The gig was actually mighty fine and we had a good time on stage, after all we went on the whole tour to have a good time on stage and give every people in the crowd even better time with our rock n’ roll circus.

At the same time we were going to the stage we heard that we need to drop one song from our set and that is never good news. Well as I said, the gig went fine after all and back to the “backstage” (meaning catering area because the backstage rooms were so small that we just used the showers there) to struggle with our common enemy, the internet connection. After all we are all a bunch of nerds :D

After BTD show we packed our beloved home, that I’ve heard some people calling "van", and start rolling towards Germany. Lot of borders to cross so no one could go to sleep before we were at the venue. On the way we saw the longest tunnel in Europe and I must say that was probably the most exiting 14 minutes of my life. NOT! However now I’ve seen that too... Finally we parked our home right by the subway station that’s going to be our next venue. Good night, sleep tight and better luck for tomorrow!


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