maanantai 9. marraskuuta 2009

Day 25 - Athens

Ahh, another great day! Even though I'm a bit bummed out that we get to see pretty much nothing of Greece (both shows were located in the middle of nowhere and most of our free time was spent travelling), the shows themselves have been really cool, with Anthens maybe winning over Thessaloniki by just a bit. The venue was packed, with a great mix of enthusiastic metal dudes and super hot Greek chicks. Nothing like having insane rockers screaming in your face AND cute girls smiling at you at the same time while rocking out...

Juffi taking over the WHOLE backstage of ours...

The fun would not end with the gig tonight though, oh no. Me, Walley and Joey had one of Joey's friends hook us up with tickets to a late night screening of "This is It", which was fucking killer! As a huge MJ fan there was no way I'd miss this on the big screen, and since it's only running for two weeks and won't be playing in Finland once we get back, we had to see it in on tour. Man, the production that they had planned for those shows was CRAZY! The band was tight as hell and Michael seemed to be in great shape... Ok, enough with the movie review. Afterwards we went to have a beer with Joey's friends, just easy hanging and talking about the movie. Good times.


Tomorrow's yet another day off, which I'm not looking forward to in the least: a couple of hours driving, then 15 hours in a boring-ass ferry and then another four hours of driving in the morning. Oh well, I'm taking my guitar to the cabin, gonna try to work out some new riffs.


3 kommenttia:

  1. Kiva kuulla että oot Michael fani heh, mäkin just varasin liput vika päivän esitykseen. =)

  2. My best friend is a hude fan of MJ, so I watched 'This is it' with her in movies last saturday. I loved it, great dokument with great music. The best thing was that there was two amazing girl-guitarists. :D They really rocked! (Or maybe the other girl played bass.. I don't remember.)

    I wanna thank you all for this blog (and the finnish one too), it was so fun to read about your tour and see all the nice pictures. I don't write good English, but because you wrote English, I did too. :D

    I love you all.

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